GOF has comprehensive experience in technology related transactions and in advising regarding intellectual property, information technology, commercial agreements and data protection.

Intellectual Property

Transactions in a technology environment often require a detailed analysis of the status of IP rights and any usage and license rights. We conduct the IP due diligence for you and help with the reorganization of the intellectual property or the conclusion of necessary license and usage arrangements.

Information Technology

Information technology is a key production factor. Companies use a wide variety of IT infrastructures, networks and digital platforms. IT security and protection of business secrets are key issues. We support the IT due diligence and advise on all types of IT contracts regarding technical IP rights, trademarks or trade secrets.

Technology Projects

We support you in your technology projects. We have extensive expertise in project contracts, cooperation agreements, technology joint ventures and other forms of cooperation. We help you implement new business models and support you designing and implementing the digital transformation of your company.

Commercial Agreements

In connection with transactions and post-closing, we help you to analyze and redesign the company's key supply and service relationships. We provide comprehensive advice especially on outsourcing and logistics contracts.

Data Protection

Data protection is a central compliance issue for all companies. We help companies with the review and assessment of data protection compliance in transactions and technology projects. We answer your questions about data protection law and the opportunities and risks of a transaction and help design them so that the data can be used optimally and in compliance with laws in the new environment. We also help you to implement necessary improvements.


Our advice is aimed at avoiding disputes and finding economically reasonable solutions. However, in the exceptional event of legal disputes in the above lega areas, we have extensive litigation experience and represent clients nationwide before all regional and higher regional courts.